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Steven Owens
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Hello and welcome to my page. I am Soad24k. You may or may not know me, but I was once a writer on Newgrounds and "famous" for my little Pokemon fics.


Hello people and ponies alike, I am Sonya Writes and welcome to the Sonya Show Hour, where I share my top 10 episodes of season 7. Now, these are my top ten episodes. If you have another opinion about my picks, keep them to yourself please.

My number 1 is, Perfect Pear- Okay, I know this episode is a Romeo and Juliet kind a story and almost every show does this, but this was the best out of anything this show has done. I just wish it didn’t end so sadly happy.

In second is A Royal Problem-  This was the episode that made smile from start to finish, say “What the fuck” and like Starlight a bit more. It was a treat seeing Celestia and Luna bicker like that was so funny.

In third, Marks and Recreation- This kinda made me think about how cutie marks work in the world of Equestria. I mean, this is a great episode, the song by Rumble was jazzy and seeing Pip Squeak run just so cute!

In number 4 is It isn’t the mane thing about you- This had a very predictable conflict with the bottles and all. It shows me that ponies are just dicks but seeing Punk Rarity helped bring it back for me.  

My number 5, Parental Glideance- I have to give this one props for making Dash’s in the earlier season, but didn’t give a name until this episode came out. Just seeing and knowing the names of Dash’s parents was a treat. Knowing they’re big fans of their daughter was funny and made me think is this how Vapor Trail’s folk were.

Taking number 6, Hard to Say Anything- So, despite this being a nation wide ship sinker, this one was pretty good. The Justin Beiber pony was hard to bare but i did like the three mares swooning over him.

My number 7 is Forever Filly- I liked this one though some moments were cringy, but seeing one of my favorite fillies in the show was worth it.

Number 8 is A Health of Information- This was kinda dark for the show to do. Having an sickness with no known cure which will cost the pony to turn into a tree. It is a fucking scary thought. Also, see in two episode in a row, it’s a new record.

Number 9 is Triple Threat- Okay, I thought this one was pretty okay. Most Spike centered episodes never really do well. This kinda being one of them. Thinking the worse of his two non-pony friends and keeping them apart.

In number 10. Honest Apple- Okay, I put this in because I didn’t want to put Not Asking for Trouble. From the start I knew things was gonna do downhill. It was okay I guess.

Hello people and ponies alike, I am Sonya Writes and welcome to the Sonya Show Hour, where I share my thoughts on MLP episodes of season 7. Welcome to the season 7 finale. Here I will give my thoughts on the last episode of this season, Shadow Play.

So it opens up to the book of the last episode and talks about Star Swirl and the other pillars stopping the Pony of Shadows, which was a called a myth from Castle Mane-nia. They all stopped the Pony of Shadows and saved Equestria. So knowing about what happened to him and the other pillars Twilight and the others did a research binge. With the help of Starlight they discovered where Star Swirl made their last stand against the Pony of Shadows.

Turns out they gave themselves up to contain him. After another look in the book, Twi found out that Star Swirl and the others are trapped in Limbo. To free them the state of the in between times, each mane 6 want to fetch the items of the legendary ponies.

All the while Starlight wasn’t too sure if this was a good idea to “help” them from limbo. Soon returning with the item in question Twilight with the help of Starlight they help release Star Swirl but also freed the Pony of Shadows with them.

So now with the Pony of Shadow free, he was going to spread darkness and despair throughout the land but wanted to get rid of Star Swirl first. Lucky, Twilight and Starlight fought him back, but he still got away to who know where. They group returns to the castle tried to locate where the Pony of Shadows tried to regain his power.

While Star Swirl tried to make a spell to banish him with the elements, Twilight wants to find a way to help without losing him or the others. So, they all split up and went to places where he might but no luck. Then the mane 6 cutie marks called them for a friendship problem. So after getting the Elements they traveled to the location on the map they ended up in Well of Shade.

The other five then started to use their magic and elements to open a portal and push the Pony of Shadows in, but in the midst, Stygian appeared in the chest of the shadow pony. Twilight flew in and talked to Stygian about what really happened. Stygian wanted to give up the darkness but it wanted him. So with the combined powers of everyone they saved him and the darkness was no more.

So now the pillars return to Equestria and return to their homes as peace remains.

OH MY FUCKIN GOD!!! That was the most amazing season finale! I do have somethings to say though, one, Star Swirl the Bearded is a fucking DICK! Two, now that Star Swirl and them are all back after being in limbo for a thousand years, do they need to be reacquainted to world now like how Luna needed to? Well, that’s a question for when season 8 comes around.

Anyway with that said, this good bye for now. See you all in season 8!

Hello people and ponies alike, I am Sonya Writes and welcome to the Sonya Show Hour, where I share my thoughts on MLP episodes of season 7. Reaching close to the end, I will be sharing my thought on episode 24: Uncommon Bond.

So we starts this with Starlight at the train station waiting for train from the Crystal Empire. She then goes on saying to random ponies that she and her friend Sunburst have a lot in common. When the train arrives everyone got off and even Sunburst somehow. Star had a plan on what they were gonna do while he’s here. Apparently Sunburst likes Antiquing. Star didn’t know that and so they want to the Ponyville antique shop where they ran into Twilight. Sunburst and Twilight nerded out on old Pony historic items. Well, It’s nice to see Sunburst again but I have a feeling this things will not go well soon.

Things isn’t going the way Starlight had planned even after playing their child/foalhood board game Dragon Pit. Later Star got Sunburst up to go Sweet Apple Acres to an apple tree. Star wanted to get an apple to him but find out the Trixie (best pony) was under the tree practicing. Soon, Trixie wanted to show them a trick, but it doesn’t work out so well. Soon Sun and Trixie started hanging out and Starlight just watched. Man, I don’t know if the music that plays in these are suppose to be happy or sad.

Finally a callback to Too many Pinkie Pie we come to the mirror pool and Maud, whose house is close by and just like the last time, Sun hung out with another of Stars friends. Star then got an idea to use the one thing she’s good at. Making a spell the brings them to their foalhood home and turning them into foals just so they can play their game. Star reversed the spell and runs off. Soon Sun was trying to figure out what other thing the two of them have in common. After asking Trixie and Maud about Starlight, Sun came up with the great idea. To make a bigger version of their game.

So after spending the days with in Ponyville, Sun had to go back and got a group hug with all of Star's friends. Also, what’s with one book?

So yeah, this is a nice and pleasant episode. Also sad filly Starlight makes me sad.

So, with that said, I’ll see you all next time.


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